Green Simple Pants

simple pants

Skill level: Easy

Average Sewing Time: 1 to 1 1/2 hours

Hello world, This is my first blog about sewing, I’m starting from how to make pants for my little girl. before I had to sew some clothes for my little girls and pants for my son it’s just that I could make the tutorial is these pants for my little girl.

This is what you’ll need:

what you needs

Now lets get started!

1. Choose a FABRIC: I made both pairs of pants out of linen-like fabric (real linen is more expensive and nicer but this faux version works great). Other fabrics to try are: heavy cottons, knits, and corduroy.

choose fabric

2. Create a PATTERN.
Elastic waist-band pants/shorts are one of the easiest things to make. Once you figure it out, you will turn your nose up at similar pants in the store, realizing that they are ripping you off at those prices! You just need to understand how pants are put together.
Pants are made of 4 pieces (2 different pattern pieces). The best way to understand this is to study your own pair of pants and see how they’re put together; maybe even cut up a junk pair of pants.
If you’ve never made pants before, you may want to sew a trial pair first….just to see if you’re creating the pattern properly. You don’t have to sew this trial pair all the way to the end (unless they’re adorable of course) but it will allow you to make changes to your pattern before cutting into your nice fabric.

Here’s what I do.
I turn the pants inside out, and fold one leg on top of the other so I can see the entire pattern piece. You will do this for the front of the pants and the back of the pants. Both pattern pieces are similar, but the back leg usually has a larger crotch area (the curve of the pants) to accommodate big diaper bootie:

creat a pattern

Then on a  fabric I create a pattern (on bad side) . I trace all around the pant leg, allowing a little extra for a 1 1/2 inch seam. I just use a tailor’s chalk.

When you get to the top, remember that the waistband is gathered, so you need to stretch the pattern pants as you create the new pattern and allow for more fabric in this area. You also need to add more length to the top, as the waistband will be folded over. Leave the bottom portion of the pant leg much longer than you would think because you never know how long you’ll really want them. I can let down the pant leg and they last much longer!

back side n front side

Next, turn the pants to the other side of the pant leg (either the front or back, whichever you haven’t done). Create the second pattern piece, using the same steps above. Again, both pieces are similar but one has a longer curved crotch area.When you’re finished. With your fabric folded in half, lay your pieces on top of the fabric and cut out both pieces (you will end up with 2 of each pattern piece. There are 4 pieces to your pants):

3. SEW the pants!
Take one BACK leg and one FRONT leg and pin them together at the inside seam of the leg:

If you don’t have a serger you can zigzag down the seam to finish it off. Take both pant legs and pin them together at the crotch, in a large U-shape and Sew all the way around to the end.

Taking 1-inch wide elastic, measure it against your old pair of pants (or around your child) to judge how much you will need, if you want to add clothing labels, add in the middle of the waistband. Mark your starting and stopping points with pins, so that you remember to leave an opening for the elastic to come in and out. Beginning at your starting points, sew the waistband all the way around, And finish at your stopping points. Attach a safety pin to one end of your elastic, Insert the elastic into the opening of the waistband and Pin the other end of the elastic to the other end of the opening. And push your elastic (with the safety pin guiding you) all the way through the waistband and out the other side. Pull the elastic, so you have room to work with. Overlap the two pieces about an inch or so:


and zigzag the elastic ends together, Sew multiple zigzaps to make it stronger

sew zigzag

Next, finish off the waistband by closing off the opening. If you’re going to add a clothing label, insert it now, right at the opening.

When you’re done, it should look like this:


And you’re done! so easy and simple…

let’s actions baby….




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